Our Cottage…..Paradise!

Where do I start? We had a 40’ Carver that we brought from Port Dover to the Thousand Islands when we moved up to the Belleville area. We loved that old boat and really enjoyed the Islands, finally, we could sleep on the boat in calm waters, it was paradise. As our girls started to get married and have babies, they wanted to come out on the boat and join us in our new adventures. The first time we tried this we had my daughter, Monica, and her husband, Jeff, and their dog, Kirby, with us. They camped on an island while we slept on the boat, and this worked out wonderfully. The second year, two pregnant daughters, Breanna and Monica, joined us with their husbands, and one almost 1-year old grandchild, and we had Kirby with us again and our dog, Tucker. All the kids camped but it rained and we had the worry of the dock, the dogs, and the toddler; it wasn’t ideal, or comfortable for anyone. We talked about renting a cottage together the next year and possibly someday buying one.

Telling my husband that maybe in a year or two we can buy a cottage, to him, meant NOW! Soooo he started looking, and as he says “just looking, sweetie”, we went to see a cottage and fell in love!! To be fair we viewed a few from the outside and couldn’t imagine ourselves relaxed and happy in them. The first one seemed too perfect. Well…we bought it!! It was a shell and needed quite a bit of work, but the setting was perfect and the idea of making it our own was intriguing.

So April 4, 2016, we took possession…….a new paradise!!!



All of us celebrating taking possession

We have a lot of work to do at this point, I will post before and after pictures along the way.







At the water


















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