Spiralize it!

Spiralize it!!!!


I can’t remember for sure when the first time was that I saw anything spiralized, but I am pretty sure it was a zucchini dish and I was intrigued. I can’t eat gluten so a healthy substitute was very welcomed. I looked for an inexpensive handheld spiralizer and tried making the spiralized zucchini with pasta sauce, I was hooked! I could have my supper made in 10 minutes, it was healthy and delicious!!! I had been adding zucchini to stir-fries as well as using it instead of lasagna noodles but I found them to be too thick, I didn’t always enjoy the texture and sometimes they didn’t get cooked well enough. When they are spiralized I find they are quickly and easily cooked and the texture is wonderful.

Cooking the zucchini takes than 5 minutes

I then bought a book, Inspiralized https://www.amazon.ca/Inspiralized it had quite a bit of information on what vegetables could be spiralized and what you could make with them. I tried several recipes and different vegetables and continued to enjoy both hot and cold dishes, as well as coming up with my own recipes. I now have a wonderful countertop spiralizer and one that works on my stand alone mixer and I use them almost every day!  I have one at the cottage too, as you can see here.

I love this spirilizer, it has three different blades!

(I need to improve my food photos).

Here is another of my favorites, it’s fresh and fast and everyone enjoys it.  The cucumber and carrots are spiralized, add onion, chickpeas, cilantro, sesame seeds and with a honey lemon dressing it keeps well! Recipe: https://www.pinterest.ca/pin/348888302369116757/  

Do you Spiralize it?  What’s your favorite recipe?

Asian salad with spirilized cucumber and carrots




















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